In many respects, we are a mystery to ourselves, and the world around us, without fully understand the reasons behind our decisions, actions or behaviours. The aim of psychotherapy is to seek at the roots of our suffering and restore the connection between our body-mind-soul, meaning that what we think, feel or intuit goes through our body, and every somatic discomfort or pain has its roots in our psyche.

Over the years, I have come to realise that going through a therapeutic process is a courageous endeavour and is the most meaningful experience you could offer yourself. My belief is that a good understanding of our past through exploration of our present emotions, behaviours, attitudes and dreams help us to make sense of how we relate to ourselves, to others and the world around us. That’s when psychological change happens in a more natural, profound and personal way.

Together we will look at present difficulties in an effort to discover meaning, gain faith and hope, facilitate maturation of the personality, improve mental health and provide relief to the psychological suffering. Having a confidential and safe space to talk and reflect on habitual self-defeating patterns, can help gain a deeper understanding of present vulnerabilities, opening the avenue to new perspectives, opportunities and psychological change.

Thank you, hope you enjoy your visit.